Saturday, 17 May 2008

My Dado's super paintings

My Dad a great cartoonist and painter. So much imagination, variety of styles and humour. Check out more of his paintings at his website.

Robin Gray
25th July 1939- 17th May 2008.

He was a Graphic Designer all his life. Drawing many adverts for lots of different graphic design companies. His favourite one he worked for was British Aerospace. Everything was done without computers in those lots of hand lettering, cutting and pasting with a craft knife. Also he used many styles to do the job.

He was a cartoonist as well which is where I get my talent from. Its in the blood. Loved drawing comics with him as a kid.


Anonymous said...

VERY sorry to hear of your great loss at this sad time, PETER....your DAD obviously enjoyed his work [as is evident here], and like myself, he seemed to enjoy drawing women.

Your early comic-strips made me smile,I also remember attempting this sort of thing when I was young.

I'm sure all those at COMICS UK and elsewhere will be thinking of you at this sad time.

Thinking of you and your family.....I know we have never met, but your spirit shines through on the internet.


Peter Gray said...

Thanks for the kind comments..
Hope we can meet soon.this year or next...still hope to get to Scotland one day.