Monday, 12 May 2008

Beano comic libraries 1-30

loved this one and the strange Bash street aliens...

11th April 1982 started the Beano comic library collection.
what lovely memories these bring up...often read by me at the beach on holiday.
The first one I read was my cousions (Stephen a cartoonist like me) one at Bournmouth..Beano library number 9 Dennis the Menace sun fun.
I started collecting from number 11 Minnie home help.remember that huge Jam sandwiche Minnie made even now...and giving Dad a jammy kiss on the cheek.

Missing issues-
3, 5, 8,
13, 17, 18,
22, 24,
28 could do with a better scan.

I don't have all of them so if anyone want to help by sending scans of covers missing here please send to my email-
thank you
What great covers they are to.


Anonymous said...

brings back a lot of memories, PETER..I recall loads of these covers. I preferred the longer-length 'COMIC LIBRARIES' [even if they had less interior colour]than today's more 'split' 'FUN-SIZE' 'BEANOS'.

------brilliant work! ISPYSHHHGUY.

Peter Gray said...

I agree....

might start collecting them again....been rereading them again...nice it just focuses on one character....also features lesser known characters...or old characters...

Lets hope there will be new fun size Beano and Dandy stories in the future instead of these reprints.also a returen to the long story.