Friday, 8 February 2008

Jackpot artists

Jackpot No1 (5/5/79)
Richie Wraggs - Mike Lacey.
Angel's 'proper' Charlies - Trevor Metcalfe.
Later drew the Fantastic three in Jackpot

Full o' Beans - Tom Paterson. Later in Jackpot drew The Park
The Teeny Sweeney - J Edward Oliver. Later drew in Jackpot Robin Good
Jack Pott - Crocker
Little Adam & Eva - Paul Ailey.
Class Wars - Vic Neill.
Robot Smith - Ken Reid.
Good News. Bad News - Nigel Edwards. Later in Jackpot drew Will Power
The Incredible Sulk - Jim Petrie. (Minnie the minx artist for 40 years)
Kid Kong - Reg Parlett. Later drawn by Robert Nixon
It's a Nice Life - Reg Parlett.
Little and Large Lenny - Norman Mansbridge.
Zap! Laser Eraser - Robert Nixon
The Terror Toys - Maisy
based on the 1960's Buster strip 'The Toys of Doom' drawn by Solano Lopez.
Fantastic Journey - Ian Knox
Milly O'Naire and Penny Less - Sid Burgon.
Scooper - Tom Paterson.
Cry Baby - Mike Lacey.
Gremlins - Steve Bell.

Later on in Jackpot-
The Winners drawn by Jim Hanson
Mike's Bike drawn by Brian Walker
Sporty drawn by John Geering

Thanks Kashgar from Comicsuk forum for helping with artists names.

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