Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Cheeky Weekly mapped out Oct 1977-Dec

3rd Dec 1977 Thanks to Jeremy Summers

1 22nd October 1977

2 29th October 1977

3 5th November 1977

4 12th November 1977

5 19th November 1977

6 28th November 1977

7 3rd December 1977
8 10th December 1977

9 17th December 1977

10 24th December 1977

11 31st December 1977

Cheeky Weekly is a great comic wished I was older enough (3 years old in 1977) it really interacted with the reader. It was a diary of the week...you could even add at the bottom of the page your own day...

Frank McDiarmid drew the Cheeky strip and met many zany characters to tell and recieve jokes from. You'll see all of them on the covers which will be uploaded on the blog. I also liked how the artist mentioned the writer or himself which broke down the barriers between reader and artist.

Strips were also intergrated in like Cheeky watching the telly to see Six million dollar Gran by Ian Knox(wonder if it inspired Super Gran telly program)
a mate of his shows his cartoon of Paddywack....or a friend shows a film to Cheeky the home movie story both by Jack Clayton.
They go to the cinema on Sat to see a film which shows the adventure story like Space Family Robinson...
Or Cheeky goes to the attic to read his Dads old comics and we get to see a highlight from the past..like from Tv Fun...Film Fun...Knockout 1950's
and many more...

so you can see it was all very clever and you enjoyed it with Cheeky.

thanks John Gilheany for lots of scans..


John Gilheany said...

I've recently been looking through my old stash over Christmas, so I should be able to add a few covers to your splendid showcase assuming my scanner's compatible.

It's spot on what you say about the barriers being broken between the creators, characters and readers. A legacy from Cheeky's original outing in the anarchic 'Krazy'!

This style was still in evidence in the final issue although it was all rather sad the way that Cheeky faded out of British comics by being reduced to a 3-panel cameo every few weeks, after 'Whoopee' swallowed its third title, 'Wow' in 1983.

He never did seem to acknowledge his snail companion although the pairing seemed to work quite well!

I'd best not get into too much of a thesis here (!) but the character seemed to be quite different to the one that appeared in the Krazy Gang when the strip was transferred to 'Whizzer and Chips' - none of the joke-cracking ensemble from his rounds although it was only Frank McDiarmid and the Editor's banter that kept the latter formula afloat, I reckon.

It's great to glide through those covers again anyway, I'll see what's in my collection.



Peter Gray said...

Thanks John it will be great to see covers I havn't seen...
Cheeky was best drawn by Frank..much more fun..