Sunday, 7 February 2016

Valiant 1967 a taster..bought a few issues off ebay..

I like the fact he is concerned that the puppets will miss him!! :)

Reg Parlett


Mike White

The annoying thing is I don't know how this ends..have to get some more Valiants of 1967

Reg Parlett never knew this strip was from Valiant before Buster..

Air bags!

Mike Western covers..

Bill Lacey


Rabsmith said...

I have the entire run [8 years, not sure] Peter: love the bizarre tales and detailed artwork in this comic: THE CROWS is a Parlett delight of course! SPY

Peter Gray said...

I've always wondered what was in the first years or so of Valiant..
Steel Claw. Captain Hurricane,.what else?
What a great collection you've got Spy..

1962 to 1976 Valianr ran for..

Peter Gray said...

think I've found the answer

Robert Moubert said...

Hi Peter,

Sam Sunn is a reprint of The Knockout Kid from the final incarnation (blue masthead) of the original Knockout. He first appeared in the issue dated September 1st 1962. Your example is from the January 19th 1963 issue, just a few weeks before the merger with Valiant. Some of the panels have been cropped very slightly but you wouldn't really notice at first glance. Mike Western's The Laird of Lazy Q was originally Mactavish of Red Rock, again from those final issues of Knockout. Gabby McGlew was originally Blarney Bluffer from - you guessed it! - Knockout. I know he was appearing as early as 1960 but I'm not sure when the strip started.

I've said this at Comics UK but I find the first few months of Valiant a bit lacking. The merger with Knockout gave it the boost it needed and it went from strength to strength after that.

Peter Gray said...

Wow so many from Knockout comic....Sam Sunn then reprinted again in Buster plus Blarney...

Must get a late Knockout sometime...

thanks for the info...