Friday, 25 April 2014

UPDATED!!!! A funny look at Beanotown The Beano Book 1974 by Robert Nixon

Recently Beanotown map was shown in the free giveaway Beano in the Mail on Sunday.
Heres the Beanotown drawn in great wonderful detail by Robert.

I like Dennis and Gnasher's house best!!

This picture inspired me as a kid to make my own Beanopoly (Monopoly) and making the cards. Great fun to do..
From the Daily Mail the free sample Beano ...the Beanotown was shown better in the 75th Beano.

Looking at this I don't think this is Robert Nixons work... 
you can see traces of the 1974 version. The cage is not for Biffo this time (Biffo lives in a cave!) But Baby-Face..
Little Plum now lives in a wigwam in the distance...

Love the end pages at the back of the 1993 Beano book at night time..its all very well done..
Thanks TwoHeadedBoy for the reminder of this gem..


TwoHeadedBoy said...

This was done again in the 1993 annual - Roger the Dodger's house remained more or less the same all those years later!

Do you still have that Beanopoly? That'd be fun to see.

Peter Gray said...

No that was years ago..
I had the Three bears cave as a square...Lord Snooty's castle..
My Dad did an April Fool on me and pretended that he had thrown it in the bin...he had left a corner of it hanging out with the lettering drawn to look like my board...I rushed to the dining table and it was still there...

I'll look up the 1993 annual now..