Monday, 16 December 2013

Charles Griggs tribute..1916-2013

 As a tribute to this wonderful comic artist. I've showed his later work The Dandy comic library 1984. It was fun to showhow he would draw different Beano characters in his style.
I love the crazy about creatures book Beano and Dandy has it showed artists names...behind the scenes and showing Charles going back to DC Thomson to see his original comic work at 90 years old. The photo shows his drawing being altered which personally spoils it...

He was great at covers as seen every week in Korky for The Dandy. He was great at doing the large panel which caught your eye...know wonder he got into postcards later on.

He also drew adventure stories like Captain whoosh and I love this era for the action packed two pager...wish this idea was used today.

We leave you with this brilliant close up of Korky...very Disney like...

Charles has left us such a wonderful comic legacy to enjoy and smile again and again...lets hope new readers will discover him in these old comics and reprints..

Cheers to Charles
and thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends



George Shiers said...

Where did that 'Memories Are Made Of This' page come from?

Some good artwork there, thanks for showing them.

Peter Gray said...

The Beano and Dandy Crazy about creatures yearly book...when it was wonderful to see behind the scenes...lets hope the next year book will have more of this and rare stuff..
Glad you like it George

Anonymous said...

It's Grigg not Grigss .

Peter Gray said...

I can't see the error on the page to change...where is it?