Sunday, 10 November 2013

The Dandy and The Beano 1937-1969 Classic Christmas comic covers..

Phil has worked hard to get this off the ground and its brilliant!
Whats nice there are lots of early covers as there were two Christmas covers in the early glad he included both.. 

Heres my actual copy of this issue...

 I like The Beano covers has they often included the other Beano characters for the cover..
Its a lovely book and so glad DC Thomson has given permisssion for this.
                    It is very well made and has a dust cover and is printed on good matt paper..
I'm so glad the orders for this book are going well...lets hope it leads to other books..
Firworks comic covers...complete Jonah..Banana Bunch poster pages by Leo Baxendale...Black Bob..etc..

Get yours for just over £20 postage is reduced the more books you buy.

It will be the perfect gift this Christmas...


Anonymous said...

The more of these type of books the better. Do they smell like a new annual should smell?! Mj

Peter Gray said...

Yes it does have that smell...also it smells good...