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Harold's Hare Own comic meet Moony! with input from Phil Rushton

From the same issue..How on earth did he create fruit!! Odd Ball eat your heart out!!

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Though it only ran for about four and a half years Harold Hare's Own Paper featured some memorable strips, including Harold himself, Flopsy, Wendy and her Toby Jug, Mr. Toad, Katie Country Mouse, Gulliver Guinea-Pig, Dagwood Duck, Pinky & Perky, Torchy the Battery Boy. Pinocchio, the little horses, Snuggles and the Wonderful Island of Yum.

However, my personal favourite had to be the shape-changing alien Moony from the Moon - originally drawn by the Italian Antonio Lupatelli (aka 'Tony Wolf'), and then by Manchester's own John Donnelly. Unfortunately I don't have any original artwork from the actual strips but here's a nice, one-off drawing of the character by Donnelly:


...It's a matter of enduring regret to me that I didn't pump John for details of his career in British comics when I went to art college with his son during the 1970s! Sadly, I only really cared about American superhero comics at the time! :(

- Phil Rushton


John Pitt said...

Flippin' eck! That's taken me back!!

John Pitt said...

My mother used to buy me Topsy - Turvey Harold Hare's Own Paper every week when I was a nipper. I used to have them all till I switched over to Huckleberry Hound Weekly when it came out. Am I right in thinking that Moony was later reprinted in The Bimbo ? I seem to recall seeing him again in my younger brother's comics in the 60's .