Friday, 13 May 2011

My new animal for May with my PG Tips

May 2011

I've had another go at drawing the lambs..this one above was from March can see that I've improved my drawing skill...though it still has charm the one above..

My tips in drawing animals is to try and have a conection between them...the animal touching together helps my two rabbits touching noses..or the horse and pony and the three pigs rubbing together..touch shows a bond..whether friendship..parent love..or relationship..
If I drew two animals seperate it leaves a space..a gap..its not so warm..

Another a thing I've learnt creating these animals is the importance of drawing fur...I had originally drawn the two rabbits with one with just an orange shape with no had short fur in the photo so I drew it like that..But when I showed it to people they said they all liked the rabbit on the left and not the right..they said they felt they could stroke the left I've changed the right one with lots of fur it shows how drawing fur can change a picture...
its interesting that people want to stroke a picture..another connection thats good in a animal picture..

Soon I'll put these up at my website so you can buy a3 and A4 mounted prints and cards of my new animals..

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Anonymous said...

very cute and cuddly, Peter---keep up the good work!

Keep the PG Tips coming.