Wednesday, 20 April 2011

George and the Dragon the three versions that have appeared in The Dandy

The Dandy 24th December 1988
Here George looks like a Viking Yosemite Sam type..not sure of the artists name..this w a short lived strip..

The Dandy 12th November 1988

The Dandy 13th March 1999 Heres George and the dragon again in one of the last pieces John Geering drew..

The New Dandy 30th October 2010...Buy it today!
Andy Fanton a new Dandy artist which I really enjoy especially the hidden details..also nice style..he also has a great chatty blog..

Its fun to know Andy came up with this idea of George v's the Dragon and didn't know that it had has a life in The Dandy before..


Steven Hartley said...

I had no idea there was a "George and the Dragon" strip in "The Dandy". Although, my comic collection of the Dandy only goes as far as 1992. While my Beanos only go as far as 1987!

Fanton said...

Someone pointed this out to me on the Comics UK forum not so long ago, I literally had no idea there were other versions before mine, I just thought retelling the George and the Dragon story in a silly way would make for a good strip!

Had no idea John Geering also did one, fascinating!

Oh! And if you want, you can use one of my strips from my site, rather than a scan: - The Dandy let me put some online!

Keep up the good work, Peter!

Bruce Laing said...

I just can't help hearing the Yosemite Sam-esque George cursing the dragon in my mind.

"You Racka-Fracking lizard!"

Great find, there Peter. :lol:

George Shiers said...

I think there was also a George and the Dragon in Buster comic!