Monday, 19 July 2010

Who drew this Bumpkin Billionaires? Answer Mervyn Johnston

Whizzer and Chips Holiday Special 1990.
Mike Lacey and Jim Hanson normally drew the Bumpkin Billionaires..who have a good normal rounded fun it is stranjge seeing the Bumpkins in this wacky style..

I'll be touching on artists who drew characters that they didn't normally they can be interesting to see and its fun trying to work out the artist and what weird styles they used!!

This does look a bit like Spy's work!!!


See BABY BOOMER comic strip here..

UPDATE looking at it again I'm pretty sure that it is drawn by Melvin..

Andy B tells me from comicsuk forum its
Mervyn Johnston
Thanks Andy..

Mervyn also drew Buster's Captain Crucial after Tom Paterson left Fleetway.

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Anonymous said...

WOW! I wasn't aware I was on your blog, Peter! I appreciate being in here along with the 'big guns' of UK comics: yes, I see a resemblance between Mervyn Johnson's work and my own style.

Purely coincidental:Well spotted!

You're obviously a big David Mosyn fan by the way......his stuff is very lively and illustration-like at times. You've been very busy on your blog recently.

cheers, SPY.