Thursday, 10 June 2010

Uh, Oh Si Co! and Samuel Creeps from Nutty

After talking about Cor-medy Choice which Cor comic did in the 70's along comes The Beano idol in this weeks issue..where we the reader can choose our favourites between three..
Home Invation (David Sutherland) , Meebo and Zuky (Laura Howell)and Uh, Oh Si Co! Nigel Parkinson..all of them good..all should be in The Beano..

Uh, Oh Si Co! stood out just a little bit more for me and love the mum going does remind me and others of Vic Volcano from the 90's Beano drawn by Robert Nixon...also in Nutty was Samuel Creeps a posh kid who got the better of bullies and also can be very strong at times..
Bob McGrath drew it the Three Bears artist..
So old ideas refreshed..

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