Tuesday, 6 October 2009

More of Bill Hill's comic work and early work..

note the brick layer in Banana Bunch...see below..

Some images from Spy. At comicsuk forum
Dennis the Menace Beano and Dandy forum.really worth joining and seeing so many comic images..


Before he began drawing for the comics in the early 1960's Bill had provided cartoons and one-line strips for the Thomson women's papers like Red Star Weekly for nearly twenty years. One long-running example which he drew from 1946 being, if memory serves, a laugh at life strip titled 'The Robinsons'. His early work being done to supplement his income from his day to day employment as a bricklayer.
Off hand his Beezer strips were Banana Bunch, Tommy Taylor's Toybox (both taken over from Leo Baxendale), Black Bun, and Roly Poly Joe. I'll check on others.

A couple of other examples of his work from Beezer are Pedro the Pesky Parrot and Wrinkle and Twinkle. He also had a stint on Nosey Parker in the Sparky.

thanks Kashgar.Bill did often draw Builders in his comic page.now we know why...

philcom55 has put up some early work of Bill's up at comicsuk forum..thanks Phil..

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