Sunday, 16 August 2009

Eric Robert's Buster and Big One Sinbad Simm

6th March 1965.

Sinbad Simms
Started in Buster: 27th February 1965

Ended: 23rd October 1965

Comic Launched In: The Big One - Continued in Buster

Other Comics: This strip was reprints from Amalgamted Press' Knockout

Its nicely done this has real characters..also it must be every boys dream to have a pet shark!!:)Love to read more of this story.


Raven said...

I bet this was "inspired" (note I didn't say ripped off!)by the 1964 kids' film Tiko and the Shark.

Peter Gray said...

Thanks for that info...
Of course Sinbad Simm looks nothing like Winker Watson, Dirty Dick, Willie Whizzers Broom and Niblo Nibbs. :)