Saturday, 17 December 2011

Christmas Topper 1987

Robert Nixon
A front cover But the start of a story which was in the centre pages..

Ken Hunter
of course based on Star Wars droids..its fun seeing all the different robot head shapes.also trying to all fit in the transporter:)

Gordon Bell's spin-off from Beryl the Peril of the 80's..if Dennis can have Gnasher than so can Beryl with Pearl...even Desperate Dan had Dawg...

Another Gordon Bell gem this was in The Topper before The Bash Street pups Pup Parade replaced it in 1989..
This strip is a bit like Top Cat! also these cats have attitude!!

Heres a great poster page!! not sure of the artist..but great fun and lively..
UPDATE Mervyn Johnston is the artist thanks to Spy in the comments..

Gordon Bell with some great gags!! Christmas Pudle is the best..

Now this is a gem!!
I love a strip with lots of jokes in it..a bit like the recent Harry Hill strip in The Dandy(what will replace it?) Maybe Nigel could bring this strip idea back and call it The Dvd kid!!:)
Nutty also had a strip like this called Steevie Star..

We finish with more creativity...reminds me of the Whizzer and chip one by Terry Bave Sammy's Scribbler but in that one readers could suggest fun ideas for a strip..

So a Top comic..


Anonymous said...

I think it was Mervyn Johnson done the big Christmas Tree picture, Peter-----


Peter Gray said...

Thanks Spy you are right..
hope you enjoyed Video is so cleverly written..


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